Over the last few years, the WNBA has been enjoying some newfound success. A lot more people have been tuning into the league, and there is no doubt that NBA players have been giving the WNBA some props. Women’s basketball continues to grow, and it’s great to see these talented women finally getting their shine.

Unfortunately, the league does itself no favors sometimes. There are thousands of sports fans who are chomping at the bit to mock the WNBA, and this weekend, the league gave haters a reason to as they presented Kelsey Plum with a pitifully small All-Star Game MVP trophy. As you can see down below, it is a small tin cup that one would receive as a participation trophy when they are playing sports in Elementary School.

Considering the work these players put in, it was pretty jarring to see such a small trophy, and commenters on Twitter felt the exact same way. In the comments down below, you can see that some people were mocking the league, while others were just straight-up disappointed in the league for handing out such a cheap trophy.

Some people even found the trophy on Amazon and other vendors, stating that it costs as little as $8. For a league like the WNBA, this is simply not acceptable, and many are calling for the WNBA commissioner to start giving the players better incentives, otherwise, they will continue to be put in a position to be made fun of.

Despite the words of detractors, the WNBA has some phenomenal hoopers, and it’s simply unfortunate that the league makes headlines for stuff like this.