Bobby Shmurda came into the game with a viral dance that took the world by storm. Everyone from Drake to Beyoncé did the Shmoney Dance and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. However, ever since Bobby came out of prison, his dance moves have been a point of contention. The Internet immediately pounced on the rapper when he started to gyrate his hip and whine for the camera. Some have even attempted to strip him of his reputation as a result of his dance moves.

Dani B c/o Collective Gallery

If you wonder why Bobby dances so much, it’s entirely because that’s what he grew up doing. During our recent cover story with the “They Don’t Know” rapper, he explained that he attended reggae and dancehall parties with his mom in Brooklyn when he was a child. When he would be outside as a child on the corner, older women would frequently come up to him and ask him to dance. 

All the ladies come around me. All of them circle me and give me money to wine,” he explained. “I used to wine for the ladies and sh*t. They give me money like, I go to the bros like ‘bro, I got like $50.’”

Needless to say, Bobby dances everywhere he goes. Throughout the photoshoot with HNHH, he spontaneously busted into dance and song but that isn’t anything that’s new to him. While he might face criticism about his moves, he knows that it’s a simple act that can bring joy to himself and others.

“I dance everywhere. I used to dance in front of the police. They used to be mad. COs, they be mad,” he explained, as he got out of his chair, busted a move, and began speaking in pure ad-libs. “This is what I tell you with the dance. You see the energy? The smiles you get? So, I don’t want to be in the n***a in the room with [stunk face]. Nah, n***a tomorrow ain’t promised. I’m trying to live. Fuck that.”

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