Dana White has been heavily criticized over the years for not paying his fighters a fair wage. White has been very adamant that his fighters get exactly what they deserve, although many would argue otherwise. Jake Paul has been especially critical of White in this regard as he has advocated for fighters to get a minimum base pay of $50K as opposed to just $12K.

Well, White didn’t exactly do himself any favors recently as he gave Kyle from the Nelk Boys a birthday gift of $250K in cash. It was a pretty wild amount of money to give someone, especially when you consider how the Nelk Boys are already millionaires. Either way, Kyle seemed pretty excited about the whole thing. 

Unsurprisingly, fans on Twitter weren’t nearly as stoked. In fact, most felt as though this was a huge slap in the face to UFC fighters everywhere. White can give his friends a light $250K, but he cannot give his fighters more money even after years of physical punishment and demanding training regimens.

Dana White been getting away with paying his employees chicken scratch for years and them dudes be beating the shit out themselves,” one Twitter user wrote. Another user was much harsher, saying “Dana White is worth $500 Million. Fighters are paid less than working in retail. UFC is worth $9B. Absolutely fucking slap to the face.”