Meek Mill wants fans to know that Jay-Z and Roc Nation are still family to him after confirming that he’d be splitting from the agency. He says that any complaints he’s made on social media regarding label disputes as of late are aimed solely at Atlantic Records.

In the first of a series of tweets, Mill explained: “And roc nation is my family don’t mix my post aimed at Atlantic mixed up with roc or MMG …they ain’t stop nothing I’m doing we made about a 100m together des mike and Hov saved my life b4 And put a lot of energy into it I’m not behind on my favors in life wit my people I’m good.”

Meek Mill, Roc Nation
Mike Coppola / Getty Images

“I been signed to Atlantic/MMG since 2014 it used to be Warner only made 11m on records out of like a 100m,” Mill continued in another tweet. “I only could drop every 9 months something a lawyer never explained to me and they removed me from all festivals also.”

Despite feeling exploited for many years, Mill says he was able to save up enough money to make it on his own.

“Luckily I built my money and resources up they woulda starved me out…. Ima make that 11 million dollars one project … shit might be sponsored by a bank or one of my friends!” he added. “Let’s see what happens lol.”

This week’s spat isn’t the first time Mill has voiced his frustration with Atlantic publically. Back in February, he complained that the label fractured his relationship with Roddy Ricch and Rick Ross.

Check out Meek Mill‘s tweets aimed at Atlantic below.