With Kevin Durant demanding a trade out of Brooklyn, a lot is being said about the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement and whether or not the players have too much power. KD is one of those players who can shake up the league, however, it’s concerning that a player with four years left on their contract can demand a trade. Owners and general managers around the NBA are raising the alarms right now, and commissioner Adam Silver has to quell any potential fears.

In fact, while speaking to reporters recently, Silver broke his silence on the KD subject. As you can see down below, Silver doesn’t like these trade requests one bit. He finds it to be distracting to the product on the court and that it’s ultimately an issue that will be brought up in the next CBA negotiation.

Adam Silver

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

We don’t like to see players requesting trades and seeing it play out the way it is,” Silver said per reporter Ben Golliver. “The basketball was fantastic this past season. I don’t want to be naïve, but I would love the focus to be on the play.”

The NBA has become a player’s league over the last decade or so. With that being said, there are some liberties being taken right now and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a very strict CBA the next time around.

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