Hasim Rahan Jr. is set to take on Jake Paul on August 6th in New York City. This is going to be a very interesting fight for Rahman Jr. as he looks to bounce back from his most recent loss. Rahman Jr. is Paul’s first opponent with real boxing experience and with a record of 12-1, it is clear that Rahman Jr. is no scrub. He is motivated to beat someone like Paul, and there is no doubt that boxing fans are going into this match on his side.

In an interview with TMZ, Rahman Jr. spoke about his upcoming fight and how he has a very obvious advantage. Paul stands tall at 6’1″ although Rahman Jr. is 6’3″. This means the height advantage goes to Hasim who has quite a bit of weight on Paul, as well.

Hasim Rahman Jr.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

“Bro, [Jake’s] a little boy, and I’m gonna treat him like one. That’s what Woodley didn’t do. Woodley gave him too much respect, and he sat back with his hands down and he got caught,” Rahman Jr. said. “All of Jake’s opponents have been smaller than him. All of them have been much smaller. This is the first time he’s going to be in there with someone that’s walking him down and much bigger than him.”

Paul has yet to lose a match, however, his fight on August 6th certainly threatens that winning streak. Only time will tell whether or not he can overcome the biggest challenge of his boxing career, so far.