Fake Drake is a perfect example of how we are approaching the end of the clout era. A few years ago, the Supreme Patty’s and Lil Tay’s of other world were clogging up our feeds. Now, it is the celebrity lookalikes that are getting all of the shine, and for the most part, the spotlight is fading quickly. For instance, Fake Drake recently challenged the real Drake to a boxing match, saying that if he wins, he should get an OVO deal and $1 million.

Of course, the real Drake has no interest in this. However, it appears as though Lamar Odom is stepping in to defend Drake’s honor. According to TMZ, Odom will be taking on the Drake lookalike in a Celebrity boxing match on October 15th. In fact, Odom made a promotional video for the event, noting that he has little respect for the Drake clone.

As for the impersonator, it seems as though he has been training hard in the gym. In the footage below, you can see him participating in drills, and there is no doubt that he wants to be prepared. Odom has already crushed two of his opponents in the ring, and it is likely that he will overpower Mr. Frake. 

Let us know who you believe is going to take this fight, in the comments section down below.