LeBron James is easily one of the best players to ever step on an NBA court. In the eyes of most NBA fans, he is the second greatest player of all time and depending on when you started watching basketball, you might even consider him to be the GOAT over Michael Jordan. With that being said, James is coming off of a solid individual season, although it wasn’t so great for his Lakers who didn’t even make it to the play-in tournament.

With the Lakers looking to acquire players like Kyrie Irving, many are questioning whether or not James’ championship window is over. Of course, he is going into his 20th season in the league, and it’s not easy to lead a title-winning squad when you are 38 years of age.

LeBron James

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

James has always paid attention to social media which means the star has seen all of the negativity surrounding him. As a high-level athlete, blocking out the negativity is important, and LeBron understands that better than anyone. In fact, while taking to Instagram, James posted a photo of himself smiling, all while offering an uplifting message.

“Me laughing when I see negativity around trying to derail me from happiness!” he wrote.

The Lakers will need all of the positivity in the world this season as they look to prove people wrong. They need to bounce back, and as always, LeBron will have to be a huge part of that success.