It was all laughs when Ashanti was stopped by a TMZ cameraperson and asked about her participation in the upcoming Murder Inc docuseries. In 2020, news surfaced that a Murder Inc television series was developing, but earlier this year, we received an announcement that a docuseries was in the works, as well. These two projects may be completely different, but both will highlight the glory days of the label that was instrumental in shaping an era of Hip Hop unlike any other. 

Irv Gotti and Co. knew how to make hits and hitmakers, and with acts like Ja Rule, Vita, Charli Baltimore, and Ashanti, Murder Inc was taking over the charts. 

Randy Shropshire / Stringer / Getty Images

However, like many industry relationships, things go on behind the scenes that can cause division. Ashanti re-recorded her debut album in order to own the masters to her tracks, and last December, she stated that her good friend Ja Rule avoids speaking on the subject.

With the five-part docuseries on its way via BET, TMZ caught up with the singer and asked her about her inclusion. First, they wanted to know which song was the “hardest” that she “had to re-record,” and Ashanti simply answered that there wasn’t anything difficult about it considering she’s been singing the tracks for 20 years.

Then, they asked if we should expect to see her in the Murder Inc series. Ashanti answered “no” before her mother erupted in laughter and the singer joined in. Another person with them didn’t seem to appreciate the inquiry and dismissively added, “You knew the answer to that question.”

Watch the brief exchange for yourself below.