All has been quiet from DaBaby in recent months and his fans believe it has been good for him. The rapper seems to consistently be entangled in some form of controversy, whether it be related to relationship issues or a shooting incident involving an intruder in his home. DaBaby has been keeping himself out of trouble, but he was launched into drama earlier today after his former artist, KayyKilo, aired out her grievances. According to KayyKilo, DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s controversy last year happened around the same time that she released her mixtape, Cutthroat Love Letter. The chaos surrounding their lover’s quarrel apparently stole away from KayyKilo’s release.

“People bash me when they think I’m in his crib when he gettin’ into it with DaniLiegh,” she said. “I’m in my own house, you know what I’m sayin’? So, at twelve o’clock when that happened, my whole tape was overshadowed, everything was—I couldn’t even really promote it because everybody’s bashing me from that.”

KayyKilo alleged that DaBaby told her that he wouldn’t be able to promote her record because he had too much going on with DaniLeigh at the time.

“You knew that your artist was dropping at twelve that night,” said KayyKilo. “Even though we still tried to push, we still tried to promote, I got bashed for two weeks straight. People came to my page and left hate comments, told me how trash I was, all of that sh*t just because they felt like I was supporting what he did… What did y’all want me to do?”

She added that she “even called him crying one day” because of the barrage of hate she was receiving. DaBaby hasn’t responded to the complaint, but people have been showing love to KayyKilo. Check out her post and a few more highlights from the rapper below.