Arguably one of the least expected internet feuds so far this year took place earlier this month between Grammy-award-winning recording artist Doja Cat and 17-year-old Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp. In case you missed it, the former was pissed at the latter after he publicly exposed DMs from her seeking to be set up on a date with one of his coworkers.

The star who caught Doja’s eye is Joseph Quinn, who plays the role of Eddie Munson and originally hails from London in the United Kingdom.

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As we previously reported, the “Ain’t Shit” singer claimed that she wasn’t able to track down her crush on social media when Schnapp suggested she slide into his DMs herself, but her younger friend quickly came through with a link for her convenience.

Much to Doja’s discontent, though, the young star also came through with a screenshot of the interaction, which he promptly shared with his followers on TikTok.

“[His actions were] so unbelievably socially unaware and whack,” the 26-year-old ranted during a live stream.

“That’s like, weasel shit. And like, I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality. Noah is not like the definition – like I wouldn’t imagine he is. Maybe he is?” she continued.

While the drama certainly caught people’s attention (and even caused over 200K of them to unfollow Doja Cat), just over a week later it appears that all is well again between the two celebrities, according to TMZ.

Earlier this week, Schnapp gave an update on the situation via his TikTok. “Guys, everything is all good. I apologized and I still follow her and love her music,” he wrote in the comments of his latest video.

“No hard feelings,” – all this as the songstresses’ hit single “Kiss Me More” played in the background of the upload.


Beat my score

♬ kiss me more – audios &lt3

Time will tell if the Stranger Things star is speaking the truth, and Doja Cat will surely call him out if he isn’t; tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture news updates