After beating his California gun charges earlier this week, NBA YoungBoy had three simple words for Rolling Stone: “I feel great.”

Though the 22-year-old still has charges of a similar nature in his home state of Louisiana to worry about, for now, he’s celebrating his major legal victory and looking ahead to the future with optimism.

Yesterday (July 15), popular Instagrammer @lawyerforworkers (real name Mohammed Gangat) had a brief interview with YB, during which he asked the Colors rapper what his plans for the next few months are.

“Tour,” the Baton Rouge native simply responded. “A tour is next… around the states.”

Though he didn’t specify exactly when he’ll be heading out on the road, or how many stops fans can expect him to make, NBA YoungBoy has no shortage of new music to play, from recent singles like “Feel Good” and “Late To Da Party” with Lil Nas X to his April teaser project, The Last Slimeto Sampler.

As for his upcoming Louisana case, it stems from an incident in 2020 when NBA and his friends were apprehended during a video shoot in an abandoned house. At the time, police reportedly gathered multiple guns, marijuana, Xanax, and other paraphernalia.

The Atlantic Records artist was ultimately charged and released on bail and has been awaiting his fate ever since. In March, a small W came in the form of a judge deciding to throw out photo and video evidence that prosecutors planned to submit.

NBA YoungBoy’s next Louisiana gun charge conference will take place on August 2nd, 2022; tap back in with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates.