Brandy says that, while she was flattered when she learned her brother, Ray J, got a tattoo of her, she didn’t understand it at first. Speaking with TMZ recently, she also said that she’d be open to getting a tattoo of him, but that it’d have to be much more subtle.

Ray J‘s tattoo spans across his leg and features a portrait of Brandy with “Best Friends 4 Ever” written over her forehead, along with glowing pink eyes.

“It was meant to be that way,” Brandy told the outlet, outside of the unveiling of Jenifer Lewis’ Hollywood Star. “It’s like a Basquiat-type of style. I didn’t understand it at first … but then he explained it to me and showed me the tattoo artist’s whole page and it was amazing.”

Brandy, Ray J
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

“It could’ve been a different tattoo,” she told TMZ. “I’m just glad he got a tattoo of me.”

As for whether she’d consider getting a tattoo of her own in honor of her brother, she expressed some interest.

“Yes, but it won’t be that,” she explained. “His name, something simple. Maybe in the back of my ear.”

While Brandy now seems okay with the tattoo, many fans roasted Ray J for the unique ink. Responding to critics during his own recent interview with TMZ, Ray J remarked, “I know, they’re tripping– it’s my leg.”

Elsewhere in the short interview, Brandy discussed her surprise duet with Jack Harlow at the BET Awards.

Check out Brandy‘s chat with TMZ below.