June 21, 2024

Foxy Brown’s “Candy” Ft. Kelis Ushered In A New Sound For The New York Rapper


We’ve returned with another Hip Hop anniversary, this time courtesy of Foxy Brown. Over the weekend, we marked 21 years since Foxy released her third studio album Broken Silence, an album that critics claimed shows Brown drifting more into a Pop lane than her previous releases. The Ill Na Na rapper had already made major moves with singles like “Get Me Home,” “I’ll Be,” and How to Be a Player‘s “Big Bad Mamma,” but by 2001, Foxy switched things up ever so slightly.

To help celebrate the Rap icon’s catalog for her anniversary, we’re revisiting a Broken Silence favorite, “Candy” featuring Kelis. From the moment you press play, it’s obvious who was behind the production: The Neptunes. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams often collaborated with Kelis, so finding her involved in this track doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

“Candy” would go on to peak at #10 on Billboard‘s Hot Rap Songs chart and #24 on their Top 100, and while it may not have reached that #1 spot, fans who continue to stream the classic all these years later don’t seem to mind one bit. 

Celebrate another Foxy Brown anniversary by streaming her Kelis-assisted hit “Candy” below.

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