One of the funniest videos you’ll see this week has to be that of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson giving their attempt at the Tortilla Challenge. We’re in the thick of yet another social media challenge, this time, we find people slapping one another with large tortillas while attempting not to laugh. As it goes, you and your opposition will be fitted with said tortilla while holding a sip of water in your mouths. For each round, players determine their turns with a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ and whoever wins gets to slap the other person.

Hart and Johnson continue to be the Hollywood comedy duo that we don’t deserve by stepping into the Tortilla Challenge ring, and after setting the ground rules—including not hiding your hand and actually slapping your opponent—they got things started.

Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Stringer / Getty Images

Although Hart won the right in two rounds to slap Johnson, he also spit out his water from trying to keep himself from laughing, so technically, he lost the game. Johnson didn’t get the opportunity to slap Hart before the game ended, so the comedian decided to give his friend an opportunity to show his strength…kind of. 

“If this sh*t don’t make you laugh then something is physically wrong with you [crying laughing emojis] I have been wanting to do this for years,” Hart wrote alongside his video. “I got to live out my dream and smack the living sh*t out of @therock …..Oh my god this felt so good!!!!!! Insert evil laugh [crying laughing emoji] ….. Make sure y’all watch our movie DC Super Pets on July 29th in theaters everywhere!!!!!!!”

Check out the hilarity below.