Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from Lil Uzi Vert. Though it hasn’t been that long since he released Eternal Atake, leaks and song snippets have indicated that he has a vault full of unreleased music that he’s gearing up to unleash.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images 

This week, the rapper teased the release of his new project, Red + White, though he didn’t reveal when it would be dropping. Instead, he’s built up the anticipation with a slew of singles he’s dropped since the weekend. He dropped off “Space Cadet” over the weekend before following it up with records like “I KNOW,” “Flex Up,” and Wednesday night’s surprise release, “Hittin My Shoulder.” 

The influx of new music from Uzi was a strong sign that he would be dropping off his new project before the end of the month but it appears that we might be able to indulge in a body of work from the Philadelphia rapper as soon as midnight. The rapper’s girlfriend, JT of the City Girls, hit Twitter where she announced that the album would be dropping tonight, although she didn’t seem entirely sure if that was true.

“Red & white drops at midnight,” she wrote with an alarm emoji before doubting herself. “I think lol.” 

Naturally, fans were excited about the news but it seems like we won’t actually have confirmation of the album’s release until midnight.