June 21, 2024

Rico Nasty Gets Unapologetic on New Album ‘Las Ruinas’


Photo Credit: Sugar Trap/Atlantic

Rico Nasty has dropped her sophomore album Las Ruinas, with features from Marshmello, Teezo Touchdown and Bktherula.

Rico Nasty is embracing her hyperpop side on new album Las Ruinas. With a new goth look, the ‘Tacobella’ went to social media to celebrate her first album in nearly two years. Rico, who’s real name is Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, will be a supporting act along with Destin Conrad on Kehlani‘s Blue Water Road Tour, which begins next week. The rapper-singer was last an opening act on Playboi Carti‘s King Vamp tour in 2021 where she was booed and harassed by audience members at various tour stops.

Also featured on Las Ruinas are Bktherula, Teezo Touchdown, Marshmello and Fred Again..

Rico recently spoke with Elle about her sophomore album being a call-out to “racist people.”

“Hip-hop makes a lot of these racist people polite-racist,” she said. “And when I’m on stage, I be looking at them sometimes. And I love my fans, like I don’t want to marginalize people and make people feel like they’re not welcome or they’re not appreciated, because I do appreciate all my fans. … But sometimes, I do feel like that you can get caught up in that, Oh, got to say what’s right. Don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. But I think that’s just the punk-rock aspect of everything. I don’t really care if I step on anyone’s toes. That’s the message. We should all spit on racist cunts instead of recording them. We should spit right in their fucking faces. And that’s not a sign of violence. That’s just the truth.”

Stream Las Ruinas below.

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