The Choco Taco, one of Klondike’s most iconic ice cream treats, is being discontinued after a 40 year run. Social media was abuzz with in memoriams for the chocolaty delicacy. “The Choco Taco is the best mass-produced ice cream product ever,” wrote one fan, Kaleb Horton, on Twitter after hearing the news. “Unacceptable. Appalling. Outrageous.”

Now, more details have come out about why the ice cream treat was discontinued. “Over the past 2 years, we have experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide,” said a Klondike brand representative to Newsweek. “We know this may be very disappointing.”

The Choco Taco was invented back in the 1980s, and was available to buy at ice cream trucks. Later, the product started to be widely distributed by Unilever, the company which now owns Klondike. The man who invented the treat, Alan Drazen, is proud of what he had done, calling the Choco Taco a game changer. Drazen recalled how the idea came to him, saying he was “on an expedition in Mexico and got separated from my party. It was hot. I hadn’t had anything to drink. And then I saw a mirage. An ice cream taco, rising out of the distance. That’s how I got the idea.” In 1983, he started to distribute the product to wholesalers.

If you’re one of the devastated Choco Taco devotees, there is a silver lining. For now, Choco Tacos can still be found in retailers, though not for much longer. Get them while supplies last.