June 19, 2024

Fat Joe Celebrates 29 Years Since His Debut Album Was Released, So We’re Revisiting “Flow Joe”


Before we close out this fine Wednesday (July 27), we have to shed light on a Hip Hop throwback from nearly three decades ago. Today marks the 29th anniversary of Fat Joe‘s debut album Represent, a project that was released on Relativity Records in 1993. The Bronx icon had been making a name for himself in his hometown—the birthplace of Hip Hop—and beyond, and Represent was the first album where listeners were able to hear what Fat Joe da Gangsta had to offer sonically.

Represent featured looks from Grand Puba, Diamond D, Kool G Rap, Apache, Gismo, Keith Keith, and King Sun. Ahead of its release, Joe shared his debut single “Flow Joe,” a stand-alone track where he delivered hard-hitting bars about his elevated status, unending cash flow, and lyrical abilities. It is a Hip Hop moment that sparked the launch into career longevity and, love him or hate him, Joe’s contributions to the culture are appreciated by his fans and peers.

Take a walk down memory lane by streaming the music video for “Flow Joe” below. 

Quotable Lyrics

See, I rip the mic if you put me to a test
Troop it gets so bad, I make you wanna wear a vest
Cause I’m too hot to handle
Knockin’ niggas out like Livingstone Bramble
Rappers come heavy, but yo I weigh a ton
I won’t lose weight ’cause I’m not on the run
I’m on point like a sniper, hyper than the hyper
On the DL, overlooked by C-Cipher
Never get caught, I’m on top with my game
Flip a fat ride, there’s no need for a train

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