June 21, 2024

Eric Adams Calls Himself New York’s First ‘Hip-Hop Mayor’ After Funding South Bronx Museum


Photo Credit: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has anointed himself as the city’s first ‘hip-hop mayor’ after funding Universal Hip Hop Museum in South Bronx.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has crowned himself as the city’s first ‘hip-hop mayor’ after announcing a $5.5 million investment for South Bronx’s Universal Hip Hop Museum. According to ABC 7, the museum will be 52,000-square-foot space at the Bronx Point at Mill Pond Park. Construction for the museum will begin in and expected to complete in fall 2025.

Including several gallery spaces, a black box theater and interactive exhibits, the Universal Hip Hop Museum will be dedicated to the preservation of local and global contributions to hip-hop music and culture. Although Mayor Adams has spoken out against the city’s drill music scene, he’s shown full support in the museum’s construction.

“Whether you are in Co-op City or Canarsie, New Yorkers deserve the opportunity to learn about some of the unique cultures in their backyard,” said Mayor Adams during a press conference on Wednesday (August 3.) “Hip Hop tells the story of this city and the Bronx so vividly. It tells life amid poverty and crime, of turning pain into purpose, of making it.

He added that his administration committed to $2 million in new capital funding along with a $3.5 contribution from local elected officials.

“The newer generation may not know about the history of hip hop in the Bronx, however, when we support our cultural groups, we allow the people of this city to connect and find these local jewels that serve as passports to historic destinations.”

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