June 21, 2024

Doechii Drops New EP “she / her / black b*tch” Ft. Rico Nasty, SZA, & Jst Ray


It’s Doechii’s time to shine as the Florida artist is in the thick of her takeover. She’s signed a joint deal with Top Dawg Entertainment and Capitol Records, she’s been included on this year’s XXL Freshman list, and each of her releases—including that “Persuasive” collaboration with labelmate SZA—have been lighting up the internet. As her fanbase continues to grow, Doechii returns with her five-track EP she / her / black b*tch which hosts features from SZA, Rico Nasty, and Jst Ray.

Doechii spoke about the inspiration behind the project and its title, and it seems that she’s reclaiming a term that has been used as an insult.

“Many times I’ve been referred to as a ‘bitch’ as a way to gaslight me out of certain spaces, something I think many people can relate to in one way or another,” she said. “Lots of people will call you various names for doing something differently. So, I decided to take ownership of the ‘black b*tch’ and title my EP she / her / black b*tch and reclaim that motherf*cking power.”

“If you’ve ever been put down for being yourself, just remember you’re powerful and unapologetic—these songs are for you.”

Stream she / her / black b*tch and share your thoughts on Doechii’s latest release.


  1. Swamp B*tches ft. Rico Nasty
  2. B*tch I’m Nice
  3. B*tch Be ft. Jst Ray
  4. This B*tch Matters
  5. Persuasive with SZA

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