Last month, the family of Emmett Till demanded justice, yet again, for the horrendous incident that took place nearly 70 years ago. After digging through files at a Mississippi courthouse, the arrest warrant for Carolyn Bryant, Till’s accuser, was found. Infuriated with the evidence, the advocates urged law enforcement to conduct a proper investigation and indict Bryant for her culpability in Till’s death.

While they’d taken the necessary steps to see Bryant behind bars, the family still decided to take matters into their own hands, as things weren’t moving as fast as they’d hoped. On July 6, dozens of protestors gathered in front of a senior citizen home in Raleigh, North Carolina, where they believed the accuser had been living.

In unison, the group chanted, “Black Power,” while beating on the door and ordering her to come out. “It’s time for you to answer,” one man said as he stood in front of the home– however, it is now believed that they might have been in the wrong place.

Bettmann/Getty Images

On August 2, nearly a month after protestors bombarded the nursing home, Bryant was spotted in Kentucky. Photos of the 88-year-old woman quickly began surfacing the internet. Hundreds of people were still calling for her execution despite her unhealthy appearance in the images. According to BET, she receives hospice care, is legally blind, requires oxygen tubes, and has cancer. 

A reporter from Daily Mail asked Carolyn and her 71-year-old son, Thomas Bryant, for a comment on Till, but they both declined. Do you think the family will ever get justice?