June 23, 2024

Saucy Santana & Madonna Team Up On “Material Gworrllllllll” Remix


It has been a monumental climb up the celebrity ranks for Saucy Santana who went from being known as Yung Miami’s best friend to storming the Tonight Show stage yesterday (August 4) evening. His songs were once hailed as viral hits, but now, Santana finds himself earning plaques as well as spots on the charts. “Material Girl” was all the rage on social media and found branding potential, and because the title mirrors Madonna‘s classic, it was only a matter of time before the Pop icon made an appearance.

Madonna and Santana recently shared the stage as they surprised a live audience during Pride, and today, the pair have merged generations of music as they appear together on “Material Gworrllllllll!,” the remix to Santana’s single. It’s a collaboration that we’re sure Santana never expected, as Madonna isn’t the easiest person to call up for a feature.

Love him or hate him, it seems as if this is only the beginning for Saucy Santana. Stream his Madonna-assisted remix below and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t speak broke boy language (No)
You can leave wit’ the crew that you came wit’
Me and my b*tches ain’t playin’ (Mmm)
Ice me out, n*gga (Material world), like Elsa
Fly me out, private jet (Material girl), no Delta

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