Earlier this week, Wendy Williams told the media outlet, Hollywood Unlocked, that she had tied the knot with a New York Police Department officer. She broke the news to the site’s founder, Jason Lee. The two socialites have been friends for a while, and Wendy was elated to finally tell the news to someone she shared a bond with.

Just as social media users began sending out their warm wishes, Williams’ rep was had geared up to dispute the claims. In an interview with Page Six, William Selby dismissed Wendy’s statements by saying, “That’s inaccurate. She is excited about a new relationship and probably got carried away in conversation.”

The site asked the rep if he could confirm or deny that her new partner was, in fact, a cop. Selby responded, “Wendy doesn’t wish to disclose details at the moment.”

Manny Carabel/Getty Images

After people began to speculate that Jason Lee hadn’t been truthful, he decided to call Wendy and record their private conversation. “So, yesterday when you called me and said that you were married,” Lee stated, “you know I posted that right?” He further explained that her rep is making him look bad by dismissing the statements to different outlets.

“Everybody seems to have a problem with that. I am married,” Wendy affirmed. “You know I f*ck with you the long way. I’m going to always look out for you… I just don’t know why [Will] is out there trying to discredit me.” In an effort to provide clarification, Wendy admitted that her rep saw no point in her getting married, “But, you know what? F*ck will.”

Listen to their conversation below.