June 20, 2024

Angela Yee Will Be Leaving The Breakfast Club to Host Her Own Show


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Angela Yee onstage at the 2022 Essence Festival

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Angela Yee announced that she would be leaving The Breakfast Club to start and host her own show “in the fall sometime.”

Can you describe the ruckus? Last night, The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee sent out a cryptic Tweet,“The Breakfast Club as you know it is officially over,” propelling fans of the show into a game of, “what’s happening?” On the radio show this morning, Yee announced that she would be leaving to launch her own show with iHeartRadio.

“This is something I’ve been wanting to do for years now,” Yee told her co-hosts, Charlemagne tha God and DJ Envy. The trio have been working together on The Breakfast Club for the last decade. The show became well-known for the co-hosts’ loose back-and-forth rapport and to-the-point interviews with artists.

Yee will be staying with The Breakfast Club for at least another month and there’s not yet a start date for her new show, which will remain under the same company umbrella. After having a few talks with iHeartRadio over the years about leading her own show, Yee was overjoyed to finally be able to share the good news.

“I feel extremely grateful, extremely blessed to be able to get something that’s really monumental up here,” Yee said. “As far as having a nationally syndicated show, and somebody in my position, a woman, a Black woman, it’s a rarity. It’s a great opportunity and not something I take lightly.”

The new show will be her second running nationally syndicated show alongside her podcast, Angela Yee’s Lip Service. Across 366 episodes, Yee has interviewed artists such as Cardi B and Sean Kingston about their dating histories and intimate details of their relationship. However, she wasn’t able to share too many gritty details about her new show quite yet.

“I don’t want to give away too much because I don’t know all of the details quite yet,” she said, and clarified that, “I’m still going to be here until everything gets worked out.”

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