June 21, 2024

DaBaby Hangs On A Cross In Visual To “Tough Skin”


Weeks ago, this track was teased and today (August 9), we’ve received DaBaby‘s “Tough Skin.” The arrival of this single is fitting, considering the rapper’s name is once again thrust into conversations regarding his relationship with DaniLeigh. Their conflict was played out for a global audience on Instagram Live, and later, DaBaby got into a physical altercation with DaniLeigh’s brother.

The Def Jam singer recently visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood where she spoke about her recently released EP My Side—a project that targeted the North Carolina artist. DaBaby also recently shot someone who trespassed onto his property, and his interrogation with police from a separate incident also made its way to the internet, causing a firestorm of responses.

With his name back in viral discussions, DaBaby returns with the official release of “Tough Skin,” a track where he speaks about remaining resilient while detailing the circumstances that made him the way he is.

“Tough Skin” is expected to be included on DaBaby‘s forthcoming album. Stream the rapper’s new single and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

It wasn’t a plate on the table, we ain’t have nothin’ to eat, uh
Mama at her part-time job, when she get home, we gon’ be sleep, yeah
Shit, I had to figure it out, that’s probably what made me unique, Baby you, uh
If these n*ggas struggle like me, they’d prolly let me be, uh
But I got tough skin, I thought n*ggas already knew that (Let’s go)
I always been a nappy-head n*gga from the bottom
That’s why I don’t be rockin’ no durag (Yeah) 

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