May 19, 2024

Blueface’s Baby Mama Speaks Out Against His Relationship With Chrisean Rock – HotNewHipHop


Jaidyn Alexis is an influencer, business owner, and the mother of Blueface’s two children. She has known the rapper and boxer for over a decade, so if there is anyone who would know about him, Jaidyn would be the one to go to with questions.

Like everyone else, Alexis has seen the constant headlines involving her ex and his new on and off again girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. During a recent interview, she had some words about domestic violence as well as advice for anyone who might be in a volatile relationship.

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When asked about her thoughts on her baby daddy’s often heated arguments and public fights with Chrisean, Jaidyn wasted no time. She stated: “Domestic violence, in general, is serious as f*ck and should never be made a joke of or taken light-heartedly.”  

Jaidyn continued: “I think that not every situation or relationship is the same or as easy as people make it out to be, but definitely think that something should be done or changes need to be made in any relationship that is experiencing those type of issues.”

She also added, “And I think we all need to start normalizing asking for help when it’s needed.”

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Jaidyn still stays in contact with her ex, and she makes it clear that she speaks with Blueface regularly. When asked about her relationship with him, she said, “Me and him definitely have talks, I give him my input as much as I can, and I pray hard for him. But I try to stay clear because the whole situation gives off bad energy.”

Chrisean Rock and Blueface continue to make front-page headlines when it comes to their relationship. The two were recently in the news again when Chrisean took to Instagram and showed a bloody face while accusing Blueface of beating her. She’s since backtracked and said he was just trying to keep her from jumping from a moving vehicle.

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After a clip of Jaidyn’s interview went viral, Chrisean wasn’t happy. She shared a video complaining about Blueface’s ex, but instead of receiving support from the rapper, he sided with the mother of his children. He tweeted that Jaidyn deserves to share her side of the story, especially because Chrisean has repeatedly taken to social media to speak on their relationship.

Check it out below.

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