May 21, 2024

NoCap Releases Bouncy New Single “DNA” – HotNewHipHop


Alabama rapper NoCap has just released a new YouTube-only single and music video titled “DNA.” The single dropped months after his 2022 album Mr. Crawford and a few singles, including “Nothing’s Changing” and “Valuable Souls.” It’s all added up to a pretty prolific year for the 24-year-old.

“DNA” sees NoCap in a familiar lane, as the single’s beat is bouncy and bass-heavy. Basically, any YoungBoy fan will know the groove. It’s not the most bombastic or hard-hitting beat structure or sound pallet, but it moves the track forward. If anything, NoCap’s faster flows and narrations fit even better on a beat like this than some standard trap.

Melodically, some soft guitars control the single’s tune. The Never Broke Again camp often works with beats like these, and built up a catalog of melancholy street tales. In comparison to some of the grandiose horns or pianos used by many other trappers, “DNA” is more soulful and emotional. NoCap’s impassioned vocal runs and sung parts on the single also add to that sentimental core.

Despite this, the “Ghetto Angels” rapper is actually in a bit of hot water at the moment. After the tragic passing of Takeoff was reported, many were put off by NoCap’s tribute post. Fans labeled it as insensitive to the tragedy and he promptly deleted the post.

“God gave me the instinct not to pull up last night,” read his Instagram caption, attached to a picture of the late Migo. “Wish he would’ve gave you the same thing. But everything happens for a reason. Get your rest Thug.”

As such, the “DNA” single might not land with the impact it could have, although it might just run NoCap’s numbers up. Whatever the case, his lyrical content is more grounded than most in his lane. Moreover, he brought a unique mix of braggadocios posturing and genuine reflection in his verses. The Mobile, ‘Bama MC tackles relationships, drug abuse, and street conflicts with this double-sided perspective. He comments on a see-through dress just a few bars after lamenting women just wanting him for money.

You can find NoCap’s new single “DNA” on YouTube via its music video and SoundCloud. Check out both below, plus some standout bars from the new track.

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