May 19, 2024

“He’s Sick. It’s Sad.” – HotNewHipHop


Dame Dash and Kanye West’s relationship goes back to the heydays of Roc A Fella records. Despite Ye’ choosing to go along with Jay-Z following the infamous label spilt, the Harlemite and the Chicago native have always maintained a steady friendship

Dame even credits Kanye for being the only artist from the Roc to give him “proper respect” as the music mogul that he is. During a screening for his new movie Prince of Detroit. over the weekend, Dash spoke out about his friend and former artist, and his current state of mind. When asked if he’s spoken to Kanye recently, Dame shared. “You think Big Brother turns off? Yeah, I’m in contact with him. It’s draining.” 

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The famed mogul continued, “But you know, he’s bipolar. And people forget that. I don’t care how rich you are. When you have a chemical imbalance. You’re gonna say some crazy things.”  Dame’s comments come amid the DONDA rapper’s recent social media outburts, leading him to lose several of his cooperate connections.  

“You don’t put him in front of a camera. You put them in the house to the hospital,” Dame added “But what happens with him? When you’re triggered, and there’s a chemical imbalance, and also when you tired. It’s like being drunk.” Kanye recently made headlines once again after reportedly storming out of his son Saint’s soccer game after “losing it” in front of his extranged wife Kim Kardashian

Despite the public backlash Ye’ has received in recent months, Dame Dash says he continues to try and support the 45-year old star. “But you know, I know him. I do talk to him, and I try. And it’s painful to watch. Because someone bipolar with a billion and a whole bunch of people that don’t care. It’s not a good formula.”

The former Roc founder concluded his comments on Kanye by addressing the viewers and hots who continue to give the father of four a platform to spew controversy. “I’m more mad at everybody that’s just not worried about his health. The man tells you he’s sick, and then he started acting sick. Because he’s rich y’all listen to him as if he is not. It’s sad.”

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