May 21, 2024

GloRilla Says EP “Anyway, Life’s Great…” Is “That Raw Sh*t”


We’re slated for another massive New Music Friday. This week, several of our favorite artists are sharing returning with hopes of topping the charts, including GloRilla. The Memphis rapper saw her life change after Yo Gotti signed her to his CMG label, and we will finally receive her EP.

Ahead of Anyways, Life’s Great…‘s arrival, GloRilla caught up with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1 and gave insight into her record. “Yo, they going to get that raw. Can I curse on here?” she asked. “They going to get that raw, you know what I’m saying, that raw sh*t.”

(Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET)

She added that the project hosts a look from Niki Pooh, an artist that GloRilla referred to as her “girl.” The rapper said, “She on there. It’s just a whole lot of raw sh*t they going to feel it.”

While discussing her origins, GloRilla said it was in 2018 when she first went to the studio to record. “My cousin had got me there. I just used to write raps, just playing around, just doing challenges and stuff,” she stated. “He was like, ‘You need to take it serious.’ So, he booked the studio session. I’m talking about, I went in the booth to record it and I never wanted to go back. I said, ‘All right, this is all I want to do. This is all I want to do.’”

The rising rapper is also excited to “take care of the people” she loves. “I used be broke…I ain’t broke no more,” declared GloRilla. “And it’s by doing the thing that I love. I’m making money doing what I love to do. So, that’s everything. Yeah. I just stay prayed up, you know what I’m saying? Do right by everybody.”

“I try not to let too much get … I try not to let everything just get to me so much.” Anyways, Life is Great arrives this Friday, November 11.

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