May 19, 2024

Mia Jaye Reflects On Young Dolph Ahead Of Death Anniversary


Exactly one week from today (November 10) marks the one-year anniversary since Young Dolph passed away. The beloved star was reportedly purchasing sweets for his mother when he was shot in a local Memphis store. Hip Hop was shocked that the 36-year-old was gunned down so callously. As his loved ones continue to await justice, Mia Jaye is reflecting on his loss.

Mia and Dolph share two young children and although they never married, they were together for about a decade. On Instagram, Mia shared an emotional video where she reflected on Dolph’s death and the difficulty of reconciling his loss.

She held back tears as she began. “I had to come on here because today is a week from the anniversary of me losing Adolph, and this almost-year has been the most challenging year I’ve ever had to face in my life.”

“And it’s like the closer I get to this earmark, man. I just be so like, trying to be positive about something so messed up. It comes to a breaking point to where it’s like it’s really, just unfair.”

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She went on to detail the importance of having a “father’s voice” in a household. In the caption to her video, she spoke of a “permanent nagging heartache” that remains.

“It is a f*cked up position to be in,” Mia wrote. “And if I could have it my way, I would not be here dealing with the ins and out of loss at this magnitude.”

Dolph’s children are “heavily grieving not having a father anymore.” Mia stated, “For my son who is growing into manhood, he looks to the man in his life to show him how… And considering that he had the best, dopest most solid father any little black boy would dream of having… It ain’t a mentor around who can replace what he had.”

She concluded her message by asking for prayer. Read through Mia Jaye’s post in full below.

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