May 21, 2024

Drake Clowned For Bonnet Pic, 21 Savage Reacts – HotNewHipHop


Many of Drake’s bars, disses, and refrains on Her Loss have entered the pantheon of 6 God memes online. Especially “21, can you do something for me” went viral on platforms like TikTok, plus his cheeky “Purr” ad-lib. Recently, 21 responded to a couple of these with streamer Kai Cenat. Meanwhile, there’s a recent Drake pic in a bonnet that begs a reaction.

Drake published an image gallery on Instagram promoting his collaborative album with 21 Savage. Likewise, he gave us the typical sights: a fake gun, drinks, women in hotel rooms. However, the pic that’s really taken off captures Drake snuggled up in his bed with a baby blue silk bonnet. Slaughter gang, indeed.

Swipe to panel 4 for the bonnet pic.

Surely, Aubrey Graham selfies-turned-memes defined much of his promo this year. Most recently, he got roasted earlier in October for his duck lips. Before that, over the summer, people joked about his slicked-back hairstyle. Still, people are thriving in the roast zone and having fun with Drake’s socials.

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Afterwards, 21 himself reacted to memes of the song “Rich Flex” with streamer Kai Cenat. Firstly, he seemed oblivious to the memes Cenat was referencing. Later, though, he caught on to the viral videos and realized they’d appeared on his timeline.

“Oh, I did see that,” the “Bank Account” rapper said. “That’s a trend, though? They tripping, they got Drake f**ked up. Drake gon’ slap the f**k out them.”

While Drake didn’t respond to those exchanges, he did hop on a call for a classic bet. Specifically, streamer Cenat and 21 were playing 2K, and Drake bet $121k on his partner.

“I’ma put up $121,000 on my brother,” Drake said after asking which teams they were playing as.

If that wasn’t enough to pressure Kai, 21’s confidence added to that challenge. “I’m tryna see who he gon’ play with, I’m basing my s**t off his s**t. If he play with a regular team, I’ll beat his a** with Toronto,” 21 said.

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Like many of us would be, Kai Cenat was blown away by Drake’s six-figure gamble. “$121,000, Drake?! F**k you mean, $121,000?!” he exclaimed. Moreover, he stuttered, jumped up in his chair, and had the Slaughter Gang head giggling.

“If you win, I’ll pay you $121k,” Drake said, “but if 21 wins, then me and you have to do something for the kids. We gotta go and just give back somehow.”

“Let’s do it!” Cenat supported enthusiastically.

Regardless, stay tuned to HotNewHipHop for the latest on Drake and 21’s continued buzz off of their album Her Loss. Also, check out Cenat’s full stream with 21 and some more memes of Drake’s bonnet pics below.

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