May 19, 2024

Kanye West Says He Can’t Be Controlled & Mother Was Sacrified


He had a rocky 2022, but Kanye West is unmoved by critics. The music and fashion icon’s antics often make headlines and push him to the forefront of pop culture conversations. West isn’t shy about taking his grievances to social media and creating chaos for his targets. From Adidas to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, those West feels wronged by face public shaming.

A global audience finds this entertaining but when West made comments about the Jewish community, he was shut down. He touted White Lives Matter and fired off anti-Semitic talking points, causing backlash. Still, he wouldn’t buckle to pressure as proved in a newly surfaced video.

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“They can’t control me,” West said. The powers that apparently “can control Shaq, they can control Charles Barkley. They can control LeBron James, they can control Jay-Z and Beyoncé. But they can’t control me.”

“You see, it ain’t no name I won’t name. It’s up,” he continued. “And just to Minister Farrakhan, I love you, but the way you read that, I took that as a slight. I don’t take no disrespect from nobody. So, let’s get on the phone. Let’s talk that out. I don’t care who you are. I ain’t takin’ no slights from nobody.”

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West and Shaquille O’Neal had a brief moment on social media after the rapper mentioned the basketball icon. Shaq seemed especially irritated with being included in Ye’s rant. Further, Barkley previously stated that he was “disappointed” in West. Although Minister Louis Farrakhan appeared to defend both Kyrie Irving and West, the latter obviously was insulted.

Ye has been missing from social media platforms amid his ongoing controversy. He was booted more than once from Instagram for violating its policies. His status with Twitter is also unknown, but he recently made a short-lived return.

Watch the video below where West also said his mother, Michael Jordan’s father, and Bill Cosby’s son were all sacrificed.

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