May 19, 2024

KayCyy Drops Dual Release, “I Love Myself” & “Who Else Would It Be” – HotNewHipHop


KayCyy is not slowing down his insane 2022. After his album Get Used To It and his TW20 50 EP with Gesaffelstein, he’s dropped a few singles too. His latest come in a dual release: “I Love Myself” and “Who Else Would It Be.” Also, the latter has a music video as well, in which KayCyy vibes in beautiful mansion yards and opulent buildings.

“I Love Myself” is a woozy, hypnotizing, and relatively low-key cut from the Kenyan-born and Minnesota-raised artist. The beat doesn’t give that impression, as the bass overpowers the beat for a second before the hi-hats and snare patterns take center stage. However, the simple yet catchy piano melody goes up and down in pitch, giving the track its dynamism. Also, some very faint sampled vocals also add to “I Love Myself”‘s atmosphere.

Meanwhile, “Who Else Would It Be” takes a wildly different direction. The track is tribal, with fast and relentless percussion that sounds much more acoustic than what typically pairs with an 808. The song’s melody is also mostly built around industrial synths and manipulated vocal samples. All in all, it’s a manic energy that satisfies despite its short runtime. While it’s only a minute and a half long, “Who Else Would It Be” joins “Breaking Point” as one of KayCyy’s most creative genre excursions. Hopefully, his next project will incorporate even more of these tribal and jittery production styles.

Of course, KayCyy has often bushed the boundaries of what’s expected of him as a figure in the rap world. The 25-year-old brought out a choir for his XXL Freshman freestyle, and his breakout feature on Ye’s Donda isn’t even a verse. With other singles like “Borrow” that build on his catalog of trap and rage, it seems KayCyy’s crafting a creative contrast.

Furthermore, the “Keep My Spirit Alive” singer takes some interesting lyrical excursions. On “I Love Myself,” he boasts of his originality and vision in his career. Meanwhile “Who Else Would It Be” addresses that success in a much more tangible sense. “Make my money, don’t talk, make my money be quiet, still loud when I walk,” he raps.

You can find KayCyy’s latest dual single release on your preferred streaming service. Also, check out the music video for “I Love Myself” below and some quotable lines from “Who Else Would It Be.”

Quotable Lyrics

Some more clothes I can’t pronounce
Now, I’m free, I broke that curse
I found peace when I faced my worst
I grew and it threw me dirt

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