May 21, 2024

Lizzo Tells Nadwaur About Her Love For Queen Latifah


No media personality can match that of Nardwaur, and he’s back with an interview with Lizzo. The Canadian pop personality is known to stun celebrities with intimate knowledge of their lives. We have covered Nardwaur’s captivating interviews, including rappers who run when they see him coming.

The most recent Nardwaur clip arrives with Lizzo as the focus and the superstar welcomed the walk down memory lane. She received gifts that spoke to her childhood and career, including photos of her in the marching band.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
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Unlike celebrities who fear Nardwaur’s knowledge, the singer welcomed him with open arms. Her fans learned more about her pre-Grammy-winning jobs and Nardwaur even mentioned Queen Latifah. It was a tender moment for Lizzo as she spoke about the Queen’s influence on her wanting to perform.

“Queen Latifah is the first person that I saw in media that looked like me,” she said. “It was very important to see someone like her be a mogul, rapper, singer, actress, TV host, clothing line, all of it.”

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Another recent highlight from the singer is from HBO Max who will release her new documentary, Love, Lizzo.

“Nobody was trying to sign a fat, Black girl that rapped and sang and played the flute,” she said in the trailer. “It took so much hard work to get to where I am today, but I found my voice. Now, when people see me on stage, they see themselves.”

She also mentions that there were times when her leap into success didn’t look as if it would happen. This will certainly inspire other creatives, so check out the trailer for Love, Lizzo below. The documentary premieres on November 24.


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