May 21, 2024

Floyd Mayweather Gets Dubai Royalty’s Permission To Enter Country


Today [November 13], Floyd Mayweather Jr. will go head-to-head with popular YouTuber Deji. On Monday, The Global Titans promotion announced that the fight would occur at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai.

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Although many people consider Mayweather a big deal, the professional boxer ran into some trouble while trying to enter the country.

Video footage captured the 45-year-old talking to Dubai royalty after he had issues landing. After exchanging words with each other, the two men shook hands, and Mayweather was on his way.

“Problems landing in Dubai but Floyd is connected as high up as you can go!! Royalty was called and he was greenlighted in less than 30 [seconds],” said the caption.

Shortly after gaining access, the father of five wasted no time representing his nickname, “Money.” He told his fans, “Listen, I just touched down in Dubai. I have been here a few hours, and I have already spent $80,000.” This equates to roughly $68,000 in United States currency.

However, this isn’t nearly as much money as he got for the fight. According to Daily Star UK, Mayweather got $800,000 to take a phone call before agreeing to fight the YouTube sensation Deji.

In other news regarding Floyd and his fists, socialite Jason Lee revealed that he gave a certain rapper two black eyes. Years ago, T.I. and Floyd Mayweather got physical.

Jason Lee brought the issue back to everyone’s attention. During an interview with VladTV, the Hollywood Unlocked founder told what he knew.

Tiny surprisingly told him that her husband was “lit up” by the famous boxer. “T.I. allegedly had two black eyes and had to put makeup on them to cover them up… I don’t know. That’s what Tiny told us,” Lee stated.

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