May 19, 2024

Foogiano Drops Menacing Single, “Body 4 Body” – HotNewHipHop


Greensboro, Georgia rapper has just released a new trap single titled “Body 4 Body.” Foogiano, who is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records, flows over menacing pianos and heavy bass. Sounds familiar? Well, the 29-year-old has delivered and honed that very style throughout his career. Even jail time couldn’t stop him, as he dropped “Live From Da Feds” this January from behind bars. He’s still there.

Firstly, the instrumental is minimally threatening. Specifically, the few piano notes that start the track off, especially when they get high-pitched, can send chills. It’s basically the track’s main melodic component, as there aren’t any other instruments supporting Foogiano. Additionally, his flows kind of become a melody of their own on the track. It’s simple enough that he takes center stage on the song, which is a proper approach to a murderous trap cut.

Furthermore, the drums are what keep the track grounded. As soon as that bass hits for the first time, its deep frequency never leaves your ear throughout the song. The drum pattern itself is simple as well, but to the song’s benefit. Again, it’s all about the flows and delivery.

On that note, Foogiano is low-key and sounds focused on “Body 4 Body.” As the title suggests, its lyrical focus is particularly homicidal, even if it dips into hedonistic flexing. Such raw street pictures are exactly what 1017 is known for, and what have made Atlanta such an influential powerhouse. Therefore, Foogi’s cold-blooded voice and often buzzy flows might have you looking over your shoulder.

Lyrically, Foogiano focuses on the concept of “murder for murder” in the tile to illustrate his lifestyle and attitude. “We f**kin’ angels, but livin’ like demons,” he raps on the chorus. He mentions a lot of reciprocity: thinking twice before writing a diss, matching scopes with his opps, and paying the cost for crossing him.

You can check out Foogiano’s latest single on your preferred streaming service. Also, check out some stand-out bars from “Body 4 Body” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Double cross, triple cross,
I never take a loss, it’s the mayor, I’m the boss,
Try to cross me, get off, I’ll pay the lil’ cost,
Caught your b***h like a mouse, green on me like moss

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