May 21, 2024

Jake Paul Taunted By Tommy Fury In Ridiculous Fashion


Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been trying to fight each other for a minute. They were going to fight earlier this year, although Fury had problems with US customs. He could not get into the country, and Paul was forced to find a brand-new opponent.

Jake Paul Vs. Fury

Yesterday, Tommy Fury fought against Rolly Lambert in an exhibition fight. He failed to make weight which forced him to get an unprepared opponent. Fury was not good during the match, and in the end, he won by unofficial decision. It was a pretty bad fight, and the fans in Dubai were booing him.

Throughout the fight, Paul got to do some commentary for the broadcast, which turned out to be hilarious. As you can see, he went after Fury and his girlfriend. Jake Paul urged Fury’s girlfriend to break up with him, as he is clearly a bum when it comes to boxing. It was yet another example of how Jake has become quite the showman.

Paul Vs. The Fury Family

Furthermore, after the fight, Paul got into a huge argument with Tommy’s father, John. As you can see in this clip, Fury raged at Paul and even took his shirt off while running to the edge of the ring. He threatened to go after Jake, who couldn’t help but laugh at the entire situation.

In addition to this tomfoolery, Tommy Fury decided to call out Jake following his win. Fury urged Jake to get into the ring and fight him on the spot. Subsequently, Jake Paul was given the mic, and he immediately taunted Fury to come into the crowd and punch him. Of course, Fury did not do this, which led to “you won’t” chants from Jake.

This rivalry is clearly heating up, however, it remains to be seen whether or not they will ever fight. Paul seems to be too concerned with Andrew Tate right now, which would be a huge box-office fight.

Let us know what you think of this Paul Vs. Fury rivalry, in the comments below.


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