May 21, 2024

Kevin Durant Shows Major Love To Russell Westbrook


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook seemingly had some sort of beef. Of course, this is because Durant left Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder back in 2016. This led to KD winning two NBA titles with the Golden State Warriors. When KD left, some felt Russ had bad blood, and it has made their matchups that much more interesting.

Last night, Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets went up against the Los Angeles Lakers. The game took place in Los Angeles, and the Nets ended up losing. KD put up a solid 31-point effort, however, it wasn’t enough as the Nets are depleted on offense.

Russell Westbrook had a very solid game as he scored 14 points and added 12 assists as well as six rebounds. It was a great game for Russ, who has been lambasted for his performances as a member of the Lakers.

Following the match, Kevin Durant issued some praise towards Russ. It was great to see, especially since some have tried to thrust a feud between the two. As Durant noted, Russ knows how to make an impact on the game, and he is amazing at defending. Russ was tasked with guarding Durant throughout the game, and KD was annoyed by Westbrook’s tactics.

“He’s just going to hack me the whole time. He’s been doing that s–t since we were 18, 19,” Durant said. “But more than anything, to see the role Russ is playing right now, he’s just affecting the game in so many different ways.”

The Nets and the Lakers are in two very similar categories of teams. They are the ones who should be playing a lot better than they are, although the roster construction is lacking. Regardless, Kevin Durant and Russ are doing their best to get their teams out of a bad situation.

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