June 21, 2024

Nick Young Feels Snubbed By The Lakers – HotNewHipHop


Nick Young is one of many guys who once played for the Los Angeles Lakers. As many already know, the Lakers are one of the most legendary organizations in basketball. If you play for them, then you are part of a large fraternity that includes some of the best to ever play the game.

L.A. Times Top 75 List

To commemorate the team’s 75th year of existence, the Los Angeles Times decided to put together a list of the 75 best players in franchise history. There were six people voting on the list, and there is a ton of debate over who deserved certain spots.

Of course, the usual suspects were placed at the top of the list. You had Shaq, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson in the number one spot. From there, a whole host of incredible players were placed on the list. From stars to role players, plenty of guys were represented.

Nick Young Feels Snubbed

Unfortunately for the aforementioned Nick Young, he did not make the top 75 list. Interestingly enough, he did get some votes from the panel, however, he didn’t make the final cut. Young didn’t appreciate this, and he took to Twitter to let off steam.

“The hate is real why y’all hate me but love me,” Young wrote. To be fair to the panel, Young played for the Lakers during a time when the franchise was under intense scrutiny. They never had much playoff success while he was there, and he was known for making a few viral blunders. That said, the fanbase does like him quite a bit.

Overall, it makes sense that Young wouldn’t make the list. Despite this, he does deserve his flowers for being loyal to the franchise. He is a Kobe disciple, and you have to respect his belief in himself.

Let us know if you think Young belongs on the Top 75 list, in the comments below.


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