May 21, 2024

Skip Bayless Extends An Invite To Kevin Durant – HotNewHipHop


Skip Bayless is easily one of the biggest trolls in sports media. He loves to mix things up, and for the most part, it is believed that he playing a character. Regardless of how you may feel about him, it is clear that he is a true master of his domain.

Bayless is always making athletes mad, even those who should not be paying attention to Bayless. An example of this is Kevin Durant. By all means, KD should be above Skip. However, Durant loves to diss the man on Twitter, as he knows Bayless is typically watching.

KD Throws Shots At Skip Bayless

On Tuesday morning, Durant had some words for Skip as he took to Twitter and responded to a fan who asked about him. Simply put, Durant thinks that Bayless’ audience is stupid and they can’t tell the difference between what is real and fake. “He doesn’t but he knows the audience is so easily influenced that whatever he says will be taken as law,” KD wrote.

Skip was not going to let this disrespect slide that easily. Last night, Bayless decided to respond to Durant by inviting him to Undisputed. Of course, Bayless has used this tactic for ages, although it hardly works. Either way, Bayless clearly feels very strongly about this situation.

“Hey, Kevin Durant: I have my opinions, you have yours,” Skip Bayless wrote. “I challenge you to join me on my podcast and tell me exactly where I’m wrong. Let’s talk hidden agendas, you and I, one on one. I’ve been your biggest fan. This will be a breeze for you.”

Bayless even got in an extra shot last night, saying “KD’s Nets have turned back into the Nots, giving up the most points any team has given up so far this season … 153! … to Sacramento! … does anyone in that locker room really care any more?”

This beef won’t be settled anytime soon, however, you got to love it. Bayless is media’s biggest troll and he truly lives for all of this.


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