May 19, 2024

BROCKHAMPTON Releases New Album ‘The Family’


Photo Credit: Lucas Creighton

Brockhampton has released their seventh album The Family after lead member Kevin Abstract announced that he’s looking for new members.

BROCKHAMPTON is back like they hadn’t left us. The boy band has shared what’s said to be their final album, The Family, after announcing an indefinite hiatus earlier this year. On Wednesday (November 16), lead member Kevin Abstract tweeted that an unknown member named Logan is “no longer a member of brockhampton” and that the group is “looking for new members.”

Along with The Family, the group has also announced a new project TM which according to a press release is “an album made up of songs that were started by the group during a two week stint in Ojai, California in 2021, but were never fully completed during those sessions.”

The hip-hop collective started in 2010 on message forum KanyeToThe and have since included a rotation of members including Matt Champion, Dom McLennon, Merlyn Wood, JOBA and others.

“That post on the forum was an olive branch,” group leader Kevin Abstract wrote in a social media statement on Thursday (November 17). “Everyone took a risk. We found each other and planted our own trees.”

He added, “I understand that some of the fans are upset that no one is on the album but me. Over the past few years, the memers of the band began to move our separate ways, and focus on our individual careers and passions. With this project, a few uf were inspired to make something that would bring closure to the past, and set the table for all of us to finally be able to explore our individual futures. I hope you understand and enjoy the music.”

Listen to The Family below.

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