May 19, 2024

Hit-Boy Defends Nas Against 21 Savage Relevancy Hot Take


Nas is certifiably a Hip Hop legend, but 21 Savage’s recent comments stirred a response from Hit-Boy. Savage is a regular over on Clubhouse and a clip of a conversation about artists’ relevancy circulated online. He said, “I don’t feel like he’s relevant. I just feel like he got a loyal fan base. He still makes good music.”

Nas’s brother, Jungle, laughed it off while defending the hitmaker. Now, the icon’s King’s Disease collaborator is offering his take on the controversy. “I just was at the Hollywood Bowl. Sold out, every age, every race,” the megaproducer told Power 106.

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“Everybody’s just sitting there enjoying pure Hip Hop,” Hit-Boy added. “That’s what he is. Pure Hip Hop fans know the deal. It’s all love.”

“Just for you to even hop on the platform and speak on it, it’s like, he’s in the realm of what’s going on. Regardless of what he did and his legendary status.”

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This is a calmer offering than Michael Rapaport, who gave his explosive opinion on the matter.

“Why, me, Michael Rapaport, gets so offended? Because number one, 21 Savage, I guaranteed if I walked around the streets of New York, and I asked people to quote your best line, it would be hard for me to find somebody that would be able to quote a quotable line,” said the actor.

He continued: “And we see why you would think Nas is irrelevant, 21 Savage, because when we listen to your music it shows that you’re not a big Nas fan… I hear it in your work… You’re like Cat in the Hat. That’s the kind of sh*t you’re on.”

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Meanwhile, 21 Savage responded to this controversy by honoring Nas.

“I would never disrespect nas or any legend who paved the way for me,” he tweeted. “Y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it.”


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