May 19, 2024

Tommy Fury Predicts Length Of Jake Paul Fight – HotNewHipHop


Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are two boxers that fans want to see go at each other. On two separate occasions, a fight was supposed to take place. In both of those times, Fury was the one to back out. The first time was due to injury and the second was because he couldn’t get into the country.

Jake Paul’s Final Warning To Tommy Fury

Recently, Paul decided to call Fury out on Twitter, stating that he is ready to come to London for the fight. He even told Fury and his team that they are giving them no more chances. If a fight doesn’t happen now, it never will. Needless to say, Paul means business.

“Dear @FrankWarren , I agree to fight Tommy in Manchester or London in Feb. I’ll come to his country, no more running,” Paul wrote. “His baby is due then & you’ve said it’s no issue. Since John is adamant we’ve agreed, I am giving u 7 days to present a signed contract by Tommy or I’m moving on.”

Now, TMZ is reporting that they just spoke with Fury about the future fight. Apparently, Fury is very interested and he is already making predictions. He thinks he can knock out Jake in four rounds, and that it will be some easy work. Additionally, Fury thinks this fight can shut up the haters.

“I want this fight more than anything because it’s a chance for me to put everything that I’ve been hearing for the past two years to bed,” Fury said. “And it needs to be put to bed because at the end of the day this man is not in my class, he’s not in my league, and he’s a YouTube fighter, that’s what this man is. I’m a proper fighter. I’m from a fighting family. I have aspirations of winning world titles.”

This fight has yet to be agreed upon, so stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from the boxing world. Also, let us know who you think will inevitably win this match, in the comments down below.


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