March 20, 2023

Serato Studio 2.0 Puts Stem-Splitting Front and Center


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Producer Dibia$e using Serato Studio 2.0 to make a beat.

Photo by Abdul Quddas for Serato.

The latest version of Serato Studio fully integrates a buzzing stem isolation feature that has taken the music production world by storm.

Over the last few months, Serato has seized the imagination of sample-based producers all over the globe with the introduction of their groundbreaking and intuitive stem-splitting tech.

Aptly called “Stems,” the sound isolation feature drove record-breaking installs and sign-ups for the beta versions of the company’s flagship DJ and production software, Serato DJ and Serato Studio, respectively. After debuting in both the Pro and Lite tiers of DJ 3.0 late last year, Serato’s beatmaking and production suite has been due for a similar overhaul.

And that day appears to have come, as the company officially launched Studio 2.0 on Wednesday, January 18th. Angling the DAW towards sample-based workflows, Studio 2.0 offers a full implementation of Stems, which means producers can now partition a track into four sections — vocal, instrumental, drums, and bass — and manipulate them however they see fit, or just export the segments to tinker elsewhere. Studio 2.0 also arrives with a number of other new features and optimizations, including a sleek new presentation, a modular drag-and-drop arrangement mode, and a visualizer generator to make the all-too-crucial and now borderline requisite eye candy to accompany your project’s release.

Studio 2.0 is available now. Download a free copy of the DAW via Serato today and unlock more features with a $9.99/month subscription or purchase it in full for $249. Watch Stems in action with DJ Sktratch Bastid below.

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