February 24, 2024

Patrick Beverley Trolls Damian Lillard With His Own Move


Patrick Beverley is known as a player who can get under your skin. While he doesn’t put up a lot of numbers, he is certainly a ton of fun to watch on defense. Overall, he has played decently for the Los Angeles Lakers, and last night, he was of great use to the team.

For instance, he was getting in the head of Damian Lillard. In the second quarter, Lillard and Beverley got into it. Consequently, Lillard told Pat Bev “I’ll beat your ass.” What is funny about this is that the Blazers went from being up 40-38 to being up 71-46 at halftime.

Patrick Beverley Gets Revenge

However, the Lakers could not be counted out as LeBron dropped 37 points. Eventually, the Lakers were able to chip away at the lead and they even won by a score of 121-112. Overall, it was a huge comeback, and Pat Bev knew exactly how to celebrate it.

In the video clip down below, Beverley can be seen mimicking Damian Lillard’s iconic “Dame Time” celebration. This time, however, the watch clearly wasn’t working as Patrick Beverley took it off and shoved it in his pocket. It was yet another instance of Beverley being extra, although you could tell the fans loved it.

With this latest win, the Lakers are now a step closer to getting into the postseason. They still need to string together a few wins in a row in order to get play-in status, however, Anthony Davis is returning soon. Furthermore, their upcoming games are fairly winnable, except for maybe the match against the Boston Celtics.

In addition to the Lakers’ playoff hopes, James is trying to hunt down Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the all-time scoring title. For now, LeBron is just 223 points away, which means he is likely to break the record in about seven or eight games. There is no doubt that this will be a huge accomplishment that turns heads.

As for Pat Bev, he will continue to be the league’s most prolific pest.


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