March 20, 2023

YSL Case: Deputy Accused Of Roughing Up Co-Defendant

As if the RICO case stacked against several purported members of YSL couldn’t get any stranger, a new report about a fight has surfaced. We’ve been tracking the ongoing in the courtroom as Young Thug and 13 co-defendants face a barrage of allegations linked to organized criminal activity. Eight people, including Gunna, have taken plea deals and were released from jail. The case recently began, and with each day comes a new twist.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a lawyer for Rodalius Ryan claimed he “suffered injuries to his legs, hands and head” when he was involved in a tussle with a Fulton County deputy.

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The report further details what allegedly occurred, although specificities are scarce. It seems that all co-defendants “were brought out about 9:30 a.m.” this morning (January 23), but it took another hour and a half for things to get started. Initially, it was unclear what caused the delay.

“I will be filing a formal complaint against the (sheriff’s office) because they are agitating my client on purpose,” said Angela D’Williams. “And when he gets to court agitated, they act like they don’t know what’s going on.”

She later clarified that her client wasn’t able to join the other co-defendants because he was being treated for his injuries.

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“He had to go get checked out by medical,” D’Williams said. “He was punched in the head and he did fall on the sidewalk. I wanted him to be checked for a concussion.”

However, the authorities gave their side of the story. They reportedly accused Ryan of spitting while in the back of a police vehicle. He was told to stop and clean up the mess, but he allegedly refused. Instead, Ryan is said to have spit at a deputy, hitting them in the face.

“I walked to the rear passenger side door, opened the door and advised inmate Ryan to exit the vehicle where he ignored my order,” the report from the deputy reads.

The deputy claimed when he tried removing Ryan from the car, the defendant “stiffened his body and laid flat.” Ryan was grabbed by his ankles, removed from the vehicle, and reportedly suffered several injuries during the altercation.

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Yet, D’Williams alleged her client was not given the opportunity to get out of the car on his own. She has called for an investigation. Ryan is already serving a life sentence related to a 2019 murder. He faced one count in the RICO case and is now looking at other charges, including obstruction and simple assault.

“All deputies are supposed to wear body cameras,” said D’Williams. “When the discovery comes out, we’ll see the body cameras and we’ll see what happened.”

“(I’m) extremely concerned,” she added. “I’m hoping everybody makes it out by the end of this trial. It seems like the (sheriff’s office) has discretion to do whatever they want, behind closed doors. We are not allowed to see what’s happening and then they just bring them out saying they are fine.”


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