March 22, 2023

Eddie Murphy Talks About Being Snowed in with Rick James for Two Weeks

Photo Credit: ABC

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live! promoting his new Netflix film You People, Eddie Murphy discussed his friendship with the late Rick James.

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, You People star Eddie Murphy got into nostalgia. The comedian and actor, 61, discussed his friendships with fellow entertainers including Tracy Morgan, Michael Jackson, and Sammy Davis Jr. before being asked if he was ever snowed in with funk pioneer Rick James.

Murphy confirmed that he’d once been trapped inside with James in Buffalo during the 1980s for two weeks.

“I went up there to record ‘Party All The Time,’” Murphy began. “It was maybe the most fun I ever had. I was supposed to go for one weekend, and we got snowed in Buffalo — sometimes it has five feet of snow — and I was stuck in Rick James’ house for two weeks, and it was one of my fondest memories.”

Featured on Murphy’s debut album How Could It Be, released in July 1985, “Party All the Time” was the singer and comedian’s first hit, with James on production and background vocals. Over the years, Murphy has continued his musical efforts, releasing follow-up albums So Happy and Love’s Alright in the ’90s. The latter album included Michael Jackson collaboration “Whatzupwitu.” In the last decade, Murphy has dropped reggae-influenced loosie singles “Oh Jah Jah” and “Red Light” with Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg.

Along with returning to stand-up for a future Netflix special, Murphy recently told Complex that he plans to include music in his first live show in 30 years.

“But my show won’t just be a stand-up show; my show will be music and stand-up,” he said. “Because I can’t just get on the stage and just do jokes because I have all this other stuff now. I’m thinking about how to put together a live show that has everything.”

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