March 22, 2023

Rich Dollaz Defends Daughter, Says She Shot Ex Because She Was Scared

After his daughter was arrested for shooting the father of her child, Rich Dollaz came to her defense. We previously reported that Ashley Trowers was taken into custody after her ex, Demiah Tatum, and another man showed up at her job. Trowers is said to have a restraining order against Tatum and was allegedly fearful of what could happen.

“There was a domestic incident recently, and my daughter was forced to go to the authorities and file for a restraining order,” Rich told TMZ. “Obviously, anyone who knows anything about a restraining order, you’re not allowed to be in the presence of the other person.”

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“So, with that being said, he had no business pulling up to her job, number one,” he also stated. “Number two, he had no business getting out of his car and approaching her car.”

TMZ asked what it was that made Trowers so scared that she fired her weapon.

“Well, because he was approaching her vehicle,” Rich answered. “They have already been—this isn’t just a one-time incident. This is things that have led up to this. Him sending text messages, him sending things to her, him showing his gun, him doing things that would put her in fear.”

The Love & Hip Hop star also suggested that Tatum cut up Trowers’s clothing.

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Rich further stated they still don’t know how Tatum found out where Trowers worked. It was her first day at a new job when the incident occurred. Some suggested that Tatum “just happened to pull up,” but Rich isn’t convinced it was that simple.

Watch him explain his thoughts with TMZ above.


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