December 2, 2023

Stephen Jackson Criticizes Al Sharpton’s Tyre Nichols Eulogy: “All For Political Gain”


Today (February 1), the public funeral for Tyre Nichols was livestreamed for the world. The 29-year-old was killed earlier this month by a mob of police officers who savagely beat him. Three days later, Nichols, a father of a four-year-old, succumbed to his injuries. Several political figures and celebrities gathered for Nichols’s homegoing, and Rev. Al Sharpton was responsible for delivering the eulogy.

“The tape speaks for itself. They started beating an unarmed man,” said Sharpton. “In the city where the dreamer laid down and shed his blood, you have the unmitigated gall to beat your brother.” The display is being talked about across social media platforms, and Stephen Jackson chimed in with a hot take.

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – FEBRUARY 01: Rev. Al Sharpton delivers the eulogy during the funeral service for Tyre Nichols at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church on February 1, 2023 in Memphis, Tennessee. On January 7th, 29-year-old Nichols was violently beaten for three minutes by Memphis police officers at a traffic stop and died of his injuries. Five Black Memphis Police officers have been fired after an internal investigation found them to be directly responsible for the beating and have been charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, two charges of aggravated kidnapping, two charges of official misconduct and one charge of official oppression. (Photo by Andrew Nelles-Pool/Getty Images)
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On Instagram, The Shade Room posted about Sharpton’s appearance at Nichols’s funeral. It wasn’t a sight that impressed Jackson, who worked alongside activists when George Floyd was killed by officers in Minnesota. The former NBA giant called out purported leaders who he suggested have ulterior motives.

“Y’all keep letting these folk fool y’all,” Jackson commented. “Same scene Al sharpton and Crump Crew. All for political gain. They pray on people’s pain.” He also said, “Seeen it first hand with G Floyd. If it’s not a national media case u won’t see them. Yet we getting killed everywhere by police. Free game.”

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Attorney Ben Crump, who was also at the Nichols funeral, is well-known as a representative for families of police violence. Sharpton has a long history of activism, although his methods have often been criticized by all sides.

It is further reported that five Memphis police officers were fired, all Black men, and another two were relieved of their duties. Additionally, the Memphis Fire Department also made some changes. A lieutenant and two emergency responders were also fired following an investigation. It was stated that they did not adequately administer aid to Nichols following the attack.

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